Arctic Paper more than doubled EBITDA in 4Q2016

Arctic Paper reported 144% increase of EBITDA amid stable sales revenue in 4Q2016 y-o-y (excluding results of Rottneros AB). According to the announcement, the company’s revenues accounted for PLN 520.5 million (around USD 130.1 million), generating  EBITDA of PLN  38.8 million.

For the complete 2016 the company’s net sales accounted PLN 2,219 million, generating PLN 148.1 million EBITDA.

Per Skoglund, acting CEO of Arctic Paper S.A., commented:

“In the aspects of market presence, production efficiency and product development we have shown endurance, resulting in a good year 2016. Also, the Profit Improvement Program 2015/16 has now successfully met its target, with savings of PLN 46 million during 2016, and the remaining part in Q1 2017, translating into growth in efficiency in the paper segment. Another positive factor was the decline in the cost of short-fibre pulp, the most important raw material used in our manufacturing.”

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Earlier Arctic Paper responded to criticism and questions about certifications in a recently published Greenpeace’s report on sustainable forestry.

About Arctic Paper:

The company is the second-largest European producer of bulky book paper in terms of production volume, offering the largest product assortment in this segment, and one of Europe’s leading producers of fine graphic paper. It produces numerous types of uncoated and coated wood-free paper, as well as wood-containing uncoated paper for printing houses, paper distributors, book and magazine publishing houses and the advertising industry.

Source: Woodbizforum