California Energy Commission granted USD 5 million to Mariposa Biomass Project in the US

California Energy Commission granted USD 5 million to a modular 6 MW WoodRoll electricity generation project in Mariposa, California, USA.

According to the announcement, with the investment, the Commission would like to demonstrate new high-efficiency small-scale biomass power technology. The grant is allocated to the project and is administered by Mariposa County Resource Conservation District.

Mariposa Biomass Project” (MBP) is established by Cortus Energy in collaboration with a non-profit local group. It is developing a project for small-scale biomass power, which  intends to gasify local forest products to 6 MW energy gas in a modular WoodRoll. Within the process, the energy gas drives a gas engine which produces 2.4 MW of electricity.

MBP is currently running the process to ensure all the necessary permits. The project group expects to complete decision for all needed permits during the second half of 2017.

Cortus Energy intends to build and co-own the plant.  The conditions for an investment decision is expected to be in place during the first half of the 2018.

Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy, commented:

“The investment grant is very encouraging and confirms the leap that WoodRoll represents to gasify biomass in a highly efficient manner. The grant means that the conditions for a first WoodRoll projects in North America are good.”

Earlier Mariposa Biomass Project (MBP) informed about progress in construction of its 2.4 Megawatt biomass facility.

About the Mariposa Biomass Project Group:

The project is a legal corporation in the State of California. It is applying for 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS to be able to pursue grants for feasibility studies.

Source: Woodbizforum