Confederation of Timber Industries appointed a new chairman in the UK

Roy Wakeman
Photo:, British Woodworking Federation
Credit: Professional Images

Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) appointed Roy Wakeman OBE as a new CTI Chairman. He succeeds in the position Peter Hindle MBE, who stepped down in autumn 2016. According to the announcement, Mr. Wakeman will coordinate the new CTI strategy encouraging best practice and boosting a wide collaboration among the leading trade organisations and companies across the Supply Chain.

Roy Wakeman has led the timber and joinery industry as President of the BWF (British Woodworking Federation) three times in his career, 1987, 2001 and 2013. He was Chairman of the Construction Confederation in 2001 and has previously chaired the Networking Forum for the CPA (Construction Products Association) for 11 years.

Roy Wakeman commented:

“I am delighted to accept both the role and challenge of the Chairman of the CTI, and very much look forward to helping everyone involved in this great industry to consolidate and improve the leading position that Timber holds as a modern material of choice. Having spent my whole life in the distribution, manufacture and marketing of timber and its end products, I will use all my experience to make sure that we continue to lead, innovate and increase our reputation.”

Earlier CTI appointed Peter Hindle MBE as the first chairman of the organisation.


About Confederation of Timber Industries:

The confederation was formed in June 2015 to bring together all aspects of the timber industry’s supply chain together, from forestry, sawmilling and timber distribution, through to paper and furniture manufacturing, pallets and pellet production, and construction and architectural use. The pan-industry approach is expected to enable all those involved in the timber industry to come together to tackle common issues with a collaborative approach that will be fundamental for the future of this important industry.

Source: Woodbizforum