Daio Paper completed acquisition of Paper Products Business of Nisshinbo HD in Japan

Publication Paper
Photo: Daio paper

Daio Paper completed  the previously announced acquisition of the Paper Products Business of Nisshinbo Holdings.

The transaction is adding the high functionality tissue paper and toilet paper brands (e.g. “Cotton Feel”, “Toilet paper with twice the absorbency for use with shower toilets”) that Nisshinbo HD possesses to Daio Paper’s product lineup.

Prior to the Transaction, Nisshinbo HD had completed the absorption-type company split into Nisshinbo Paper Products (former trade name) that succeed its shares in Nisshinbo Postal Chemical (former trade name), its equity in Shanghai Sun-Rich Arts & Craft Co.

Earlier Daio Paper ordered a new white liquor pressure disc filter from Valmet for the company’s Mishima pulp mill in Japan.

About Daio Paper:

The company has an integrated pulp, paper and paperboard production production of 2.3 Mtpa. The company is ranked third in Japan as a full-range paper manufacturer, engaged in manufacture of more than 20,000 kinds of paper, including newsprint, printing and publication paper, communication paper, wrapper paper, corrugated containers, household paper products, and other paper, from pulp.

Source: Woodbizforum