KATZ Group installed a new packing line for beer mats at its production facility in Germany

Beer Matts
Photo: the KATZ Group

The KATZ Group installed a new 30-meter long packing line at its Weisenbach site in Germany. According to the announcement, it took around nine weeks to assemble the packing line, it started up in January 2017.

Previously, much of the work of packing bundles of coasters onto pallets was carried out manually, the new line will  handle this automatically.  The finished beer mats are packed onto pallets and then each pallet is wrapped in stretch film.

The line is controlled via a touch panel which stores the arrangement of the coaster packs on the pallets. KATZ personnel control and monitor the whole system and can summon up the list of current orders at the touch of a button.

Earlier Koehler appointed a new COO.

About KATZ Group:

The company is specialized in the production of special materials based on wood pulp. One of its special products are beverage coasters, also known as beer mats or drinks coasters. The company belongs to the Koehler Paper Group.

Source: Woodbizforum