Renova started production at its new tissue line in Portugal

Advantage NTT tissue machine
Photo: Valmet

The European tissue brand Renova has successfully started its new tissue production line at its Torres Novas mill in Zibreira, Portugal. According to the announcement, the Renova 2 mill plans to utilize the flexibility of the hybrid  Advantage NTT machine to produce both plain and textured tissue for their typical tissue products in bold colors.

The main process equipment was ordered from Valmet in 2015. The new tissue machine will have a design speed of 1 800 m/min in textured mode and 2,000 m/min in plain mode. According to Valment, the production line is optimized to save energy and fiber as well as add possibilities for product differentiation and increased capacity of premium quality products.

Paulo Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova, commented: 

“We are welcoming the production of a new generation of appealing paper at our new PM 7. Now we are eager to discover what we can achieve with the combination of Renova’s proactive approach to innovation and Valmet’s sustainable Advantage NTT technology. We believe its flexibility can provide us with endless possibilities to produce specially designed textured tissue products.”


Renova is the first tissue producer in Europe that invested in Valmet’s Advantage NTT tissue technology for the production of textured and plain tissue products.

Earlier Resolute announced plans to start tissue production at a new production line at Calhoun mill in early 2017.

About Renova:

The company is a European brand of high quality and innovative products. Available in more than 60 countries worldwide, it offers colorful designs and new functional solutions through stylish and environmentally happy products for the home and body.

Source: Woodbizforum