Rorvik Timber failed to sell its Boxholm and Myresjöfönster sawmills in Sweden

Rörvik Timber informed that the company stops the attempts to sell its sawmills in Boxholm and Myresjö sawmills in Sweden. According to the announcement,  the company’s Board has decided to start negotiations with the unions to close the facilities.

The closure affects about 37 people in Boxholm and about 56 people in Myresjö. The mills are expected to keep operations till summer 2017.

Earlier Rorvik Timber Highlands and Kieryd Farm sold their shares in Bergs Timber.

About Rörvik:

The Group is engaged in the processing of wood at nine production units in southern Sweden. Its business activities are carried out in two business segments, BusSeg Timber and BusSeg Råvara (BusSeg Raw Materials). BusSeg Timber includes the Group’s 7 sawmills, one subcontracting pressure impregnation units, the units for joint glue and a unit producing stable bedding. BusSeg Råvara (BusSeg Raw Materials) includes the Group’s acquisition of raw materials for our own sawmills and trading activities.

Source: Woodbizforum