Skövde Värmeverk inaugurated a new wood chips and bark fueled power plant in Sweden

Ibrahim Baylan, the Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, at the inauguration

Skövde Värmeverk inaugurated a new biomass based power plant in Sweden. According to the announcement, The power plant has a thermal capacity of 38 MWth and additional 8.5 MWth is recovered from water vapor using flue gas condensing technology.

The boiler is fueled with wood chips and bark.  The new power plant produces district heat to the local district heat network and electricity to the national grid.

Sammy Tanhua, CEO of Skövde Värmeverk AB, commented:

“It’s a great day for us as a company and for the municipal of Skövde. With this additional biomass plant we will be able to deliver sustainable and climate neutral heating and power to Skövde and also be prepared for future growth of the city. This new plant will help to reduce 40 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions on annual basis. The project has run smoothly and we are very pleased in the project organization with Valmet as the lead contractor.”

The equipment for the plant was supplied by Valmet. The technology provider covered delivery from fuel reception to stack included a biomass-fired HYBEX boiler, a flue gas condensing scrubber, a combustion air moisturizing tower, CO2 and NH3 scrubbers, condensate treatment, electrification, instrumentation and automation.

Skövde Värmeverk is owned by Skövde municipality. It was established in 2003. The company’s task is to produce environmentally friendly electricity and district heating in Skövde municipality.

Source: Woodbizforum