Södra increased NBSK pulp price in Europe by 30USD/t

Södra announced a price increase for its NBSK pulp in Europe from USD 860 per tonne to USD 890 per t, effective May 1, 2017.

Magnus Björkman, VP Marketing and sales Södra Cell, commented:

“Recent statistics and the fact that we are receiving requests for additional tonnage in several markets indicate that an already tight market is showing no sign of easing, on the contrary.”

The company had already implemented a price increase from April 1, 2017

Earlier Välinge licensed exclusive patent-pending outdoor decking system to Södra.

About Södra:

Södra is the economic association that unites more than 50,000 forest owners in southern Sweden. The Group’s three business areas are production of sawn and planed timber goods, interior products, paper pulp and biofuel. In recent years Södra has also become such a large producer of electricity. It employs 3,500 people in areas that range from forestry management and environmental conservation to accounting, sales and product development.

Source: Woodbizforum