Sonoco-Alcore increases prices for paper-based tubes and cores by up to 8.5% in in Europe

Sonoco-Alcore S.a.r.l. announced an increase of prices for paper-based tubes and cores by up to 8.5%, depending on product category, effective from shipments beginning on April 15, 2017.

Karsten Kemmerling, Director of Sales and Marketing – Tubes and Cores, Europe, commented:

“The increase follows a continuous rise over the past six months in coreboard prices across Europe driven predominantly by higher OCC costs peaking now in a 60 Euro per ton or a 15 percent increase in coreboard. We are doing all we can to maintain tight cost control, but with coreboard a dominant part of our cost, we are unable to offset such movement..”

Earlier Sonoco-Alcore announced an increase of prices on all recycled paperboard grades sold in the company’s European regions.

About Sonoco-Alcore:

The company is wholly-owned by Sonoco and operates 30 tube and core plants and five paperboard mills in Europe. Sonoco is a global provider of a variety of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging and packaging supply chain services. With annual net sales of approximately USD 4.9 billion, the Company has 19,900 employees working in 335 operations in 33 countries.

Source: Woodbizforum