Tieto introduced a new ecosystem platform for digitalized wood and fibre supply

Tieto introduced a new Forest Hub ecosystem platform for digitalized wood and fibre supply. The new platform is expected to help wood supply business partners in their operational data transfer regarding wood logistics and mill reception processes. Two major forest products companies Metsä Group and UPM plan to implement the Forest Hub this year.

The solution is based on Business Information Exchange (BIX), which is a cloud service for B2B integration. According to the announcement, Tieto BIX currently covers 1,500 direct customers, 26 sales partners, and exchanges close to 500 million transactions annually. By using this B2B integration service as its core, Tieto Forest Hub can provide cost efficient and reliable services that meet the business continuity requirements of mission critical processes.

The Forest Hub seeks to improve daily operational planning and follow-up, management of the inventories, and information quality, while also decreasing the amount of manual work required and reducing errors.

Jaakko Kuusisaari, Director, Wood & Fibre, Tieto, commented:

“We are excited to help our customers to boost their business efficiency and provide an environment for new growth opportunities. Tieto Forest Hub offers service packages for actors of all sizes, from small entrepreneurs to large international companies. Because of this, we believe it will grow into an ecosystem platform on which future solutions and applications are developed and applied in wood and fibre sourcing.”

Tieto Forest Hub is open to all actors in the industry, from large forest industry companies to medium size and small businesses, including bioenergy producers.

Earlier Tieto and global fiber-based materials company Ahlstrom agreed to deepen their partnership in the area of order fulfillment services.

Source: Woodbizforum