Wood business-related companies are scheduling 4Q2016 reporting

Companies, related to the different areas of wood business, are announcing disclosure of financial and operating results for October-December 2016 calendar period. The links to the earlier periods reporting are at the end of the post.

You can also check announcements of dividends.

For the moment the following companies have scheduled the reporting and/or reported their results:

Reporting date Company Ticker Brief results
January 24 2017 Setra Setra decreased net sales by 4.1% in 2016
January 24 2017 GreenPly BOM:526797 GreenPly Industries decreased revenues and profits in the period ended December 31 2016
January 24 2017 Westrock NYSE:WRK WestRock decreased adjusted EBITDA margin to 14.2%
January 26 2017 SCA STO:SCA-A SCA increased ROCE to 12.5% in 4Q2016
January 26 2017 Tembec TSE:TMB Tembec increased revenues and decreased losses in December 2016 quarter
January 26 2017 Vinda Paper HKG:3331 Vinda doubled net profit in 2016 and proposed significant increase of dividend
January 27 2017 Ahlstrom HEL:AHL1V Ahlstrom decreased EBITDA margin to 9.9% in 4Q2016
January 30 2017 Rayonier Advanced Materials NYSE:RYAM Rayonier Advanced Materials decreased net income in 4Q2016
January 30 2017 UPM HEL:UPM1V UPM decreased EBITDA margin to 14.1% in 4Q2016
February 2 2017 BillerudKorsnäs STO:BILL BillerudKorsnäs decreased profitability amid higher sales in 4Q2016
February 2 2017 International Paper NYSE:IP International Paper decreased EBITDA margin to 15.4% in 4Q2016
February 2 2017 Metsä Board HEL:METSB Metsä Board decreased EBITDA margin to 14% in 4Q2016
February 2 2017 Resolute Forest Products NYSE:RFP Resolute Forest Products decreased EBITDA  margin to 7.5% in 4Q2016
February 3 2017  Weyerhaeuser NYSE:WY Weyerhaeuser decreased EBITDA margin to 25.1% in 4Q2016
February 3 2017 Stora Enso HEL:STERV Stora Enso's operational ROCE decreased to 8.9% in 4Q2016
February 3 2017 Norbord NYSE:OSB Norbord decreased Adjusted EBITDA margin to 23.7% in 4Q2016
February 7 2017 Graphic Packaging NYSE:GPK Graphic Packaging International decreased EBITDA margin to 15.3% in 4Q2016
February 7 2017 Glatfelter NYSE:GLT Glatfelter decreased sales and made loss in 4Q2016
February 8 2017 Clearwater Paper NYSE:CLW Clearwater Paper generated EBITDA margin of 13.5% in 4Q2016
February 8 2017 Norske Skog STO:NSGO Norske Skog reported EBITDA margin decrease to 7.2% in 4Q2016
February 8 2017 Holmen STO:HOLM Holmen increased ROCE to 9.3% in 4Q2016
February 8 2017 Sappi JSE:SAP Sappi increased EBITDA margin to 15.4% in the last 3 months period ended December 2016
February 8 2017 Rayonier Inc NYSE:RYN Rayonier increased revenues and profitability in 4Q2016
February 9 2017 KapStone Paper and Packaging NYSE:KS KapStone Paper and Packaging decreased EBITDA margin to 11.8% in 4Q2016
February 9 2017 Canfor Corporation TSX:CFP Canfor Corporation decreased operating income before amortization to 13% in 4Q2016
February 9 2017 Canfor Pulp Products TSX:CFX Canfor Pulp Products  decreased operating income before amortization to 16.3% in 4Q2016
February 9 2017 Domtar NYSE:UFS Domtar's EBITDA margin decreased to 12.5% in 4Q2015
February 9 2017 Sonoco NYSE:SON Sonoco decreased sales by 9.9% in 4Q2016
February 9 2017 Mercer International NASDAQ:MERC Mercer International increased Operating EBITDA margin to 26.1% in 4Q2016
February 10 2017 Borregaard FRA:BO4 Biorefinery Borregaard decreased EBITA adjusted margin to 14.4% in 4Q2016
February 14 2017 Orchids Paper Products NYSEMKT:TIS Orchids Paper Products' Adjusted EBITDA margin decreased to 16.6% in 4Q2016
February 15 2017 Acadian Timber TSE:ADN Acadian Timber generated 31% Adjusted EBITDA  margin in 4Q2016
February 15 2017 Neenah Paper NYSE:NP Neenah Paper increased income before taxes by 5.5% in 4Q2016
February 15 2017 Huhtamäki HEL:HUH1V Huhtamäki increased Adjusted EBITDA by 16% in 4Q2016
February 16 2017 CatchMark Timber Trust NYSE:CTT CatchMark Timber Trust generated 41.4% EBITDA margin on USD 17.4 million sales in 4Q2016
February 16 2017 Western Forest Products TSX: WEF Western Forest Products increased Adjusted EBITDA margin to 11.5% in 4Q2016
February 17 2017 West Fraser TSE:WFT West Fraser more than doubled Adjusted EBITDA in 4Q2016
February 17 2017 Södra Södra decreased ROCE from 17% to 7% in 2016
February 21 2017 Lumber Liquidators NYSE: LL Lumber Liquidators decreased losses in 4Q2016
February 22 2017 Pope Resources NASDAQ:POPE Pope Resources doubled revenues in 4Q2016
February 23 2017 Cenveo NYSE:CVO Cenveo decreased Adjusted EBITDA margin to 7.8% in 4Q2016
February 23 2017 Mondi Group LON:MNDI Mondi generated 19.5% underlying EBITDA margin in 1H2016
February 23 2017 Enviva Partners NYSE:EVA Enviva Partners increased Adjusted EBITDA by 3.1% in 4Q2016
February 23 2017 Koppers Holdings NYSE:KOP Koppers Holdings increased Adjusted EBITDA margin to 12% in 4Q2016
February 23 2017 Fibria Celulose NYSE:FBR Fibria decreased EBITDA margin to 36% in 4Q2016 in Brazil
February 24 2017 Boise Cascade NYSE:BCC Boise Cascade decreased EBITDA margin to 1.8% in 4Q2016
February 24 2017 Deltic Timber NYSE:DEL Deltic Timber increased operating income to USD 5.6 million in 4Q2016
February 27 2017 Kraton Corporation NYSE:KRA Kraton Corporation decreased EBITDA margin to 18.6% in 4Q2016
February 27 2017 Ence BME:ENC Ence decreased EBITDA margin from the previous quarter to 24% in 4Q2016
February 28 2017 Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing HKEx: 2314 Lee & Man Paper increased revenues by 4.1% in China
March 2 2017 Cascades TSX:CAS Cascades slightly increased OIBD margin to 10.5% in 4Q2016
March 2 2017 Orient Paper NYSE MKT:ONP Orient Paper decreased sales by 10.6% in 4Q2016
March 3 2017 Altri ELI:ALTR Altri decreased EBITDA margin to 24.4% in 4Q2016
March 15 2017 Verso Corporation NYSE:VRS Verso Corporation increased Adjusted EBITDA by more than 50% in 4Q2016
March 16 2017 Rentech Inc NASDAQ:RTK Rentech made USD 5.4 million EBITDA loss in 4Q2016
March 17 2017 Hardwoods Distribution TSX:HWD Hardwoods Distribution Adjusted EBITDA margin to 4.6% in 4Q2016
March 17 2017 Stella-Jones TSE:SJ Stella-Jones decreased operating income by more than 40% in 4Q2016
March 20 2017 Arctic Paper STO:ARP Arctic Paper more than doubled EBITDA  in 4Q2016
March 20 2017 Pfleiderer Group WSE:PFL Pfleiderer Group increased EBITDA margin to 15.5% in 2016
March 21 2017 Mayr-Melnhof Group VIE:MMK Mayr-Melnhof Group increased EBITDA margin to 13.8% in 4Q2016
March 27 2017 Cham Paper Group Cham Paper expects to see a strong increase of net income in 2016
March 30 2017 Burgo Group Burgo Group increased EBITDA margin to 6.5% in 2016
March 30 2017 Gascogne EPA:ALBI Gascogne increased EBITDA margin to 5.4% in 2016
March 31 2017 Segezha Group Segezha Group's OIBDA margin increased to 15.6% in 4Q2016
March 31 2017 Heinzel Group Heinzel Group decreased EBITDA margin to 7.6% in 2016
April 5 2017 Sequana EPA:SEQ Sequana increased EBITDA margin to 3.6% in 2016
April 25 2017 RusForest FRA:N8L1 RusForest increased EBITDA margin to 34.4% in 2016
May 3 2017 Danzer Danzer reported a minor decrease of sales in 2016
May 11 2017 Daio Paper TYO:3880 Daio Paper kept 12.2% EBITDA margin in FY2016
May 12 2017 Oji Group TYO:3861 Oji Holdings decreased operating income by 4.3% in FY2016
May 12 2017 Sumitomo Forestry TYO:1911 Sumitomo Forestry increased net sales by 7% in FY2016
May 15 2017 Rougier Group EPA:ALRGR Rougier decreased EBITDA margin to 6% in 2016
May 25 2017 Latvijas Finieris Latvijas Finieris expects to increase revenues by 10% in 2017

Earlier periods reporting:

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